We create the connections.

Building a connected world will often require companies to work with existing infrastructure. We can help get the proper permits, and complete all the initial safety testing to ensure that equipment gets to the locations where it is needed most.

Make Ready Studies

We create a detailed evaluation of a pole’s structural integrity, load capacity, and clearance requirements to determine if it can support the additional equipment for any newly proposed hardware to the existing infrastructure.

Pole Attachment Liaison

You have a project, we have the connections. Let us work with the companies who own the utility poles and create a plan that will work for you and your projects.

Deterministic Reliability

Consumers and businesses won’t accept downtime and interrupted connections. We can help ensure that your point to point telecommunications systems will be reliable in all situations.

Field Studies & Audits

You tell us what is needed, and where it is needed. We’ll determine if it can be added safely & efficiently.

Wind & Ice Loading

Weather is one of the biggest obstructions to reliability in nationwide power & communications infrastructure. We can help ease that issue with our trustworthy and dependable utility pole testing services.

How can we help?

Our services are not intended for one specific industry, but rather fostering the connections needed between multiple industries.

…for Power Companies

Your existing services are absolutely vital for the modern world. We provide necessary business connections, and professional testing to your infrastructure.

…for Telecommunications

You create the plans to connect the world. This often requires working with existing infrastructure. We can obtain the required permits & permissions.

…for Everyone

Our goal is to ensure reliability, profitability, and scalability – through our robust combination of engineering, surveying, & permitting services.

Where Can
We Help You?

We are based in Seymour, Indiana. We are available to handle remote work (such as calculations and permitting) anywhere in the country. Field Surveys & Audits are usually in a localized area, but we are always willing to work with a client. If you have questions about locations – fill out our contact form!

Expanding Service Area

Our company is always looking to expand our coverage area. We currently serve Indiana and the surrounding states (KY, MI, OH, & IL). If you think we’d be the right choice for a job or project in an area not listed, please contact us.

Seymour, Indiana
Seymour, Indiana
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